1. How exactly does the Berserk Effect work with the 25% increase in Body Points?

The intent is that your Current and Max Body total would increase by 25% of your Maximum Body. So if you had 10 body and became Berserked your Maximum Body Total would increase to 13, and your Current Body Total would increase by 3.

      2. But wait, 25% of 10 isn’t 3, it’s 2.5?!?

That is correct, however in our system when it comes to rounding, for effects that directly affect YOU, it will always round in your favour.

      3. How does Disease work?

When you lose 25% of your Maximum Body from the Disease, the intent is you cannot have more than your maximum. So if you have 10 body and are undamaged and get Diseased, your current and maximum Body Total is reduced to 8. If you have 10 Body Points Maximum and are currently at 7 Body due to damage, your Maximum drops to 8, but your current will remain at 7.

      4. If I am Feared and I manage to get out of line of site of the source of the Fear can I use my skills again?

Yes, if you get out of line of site of the source, you cannot reasonably see them, and they cannot reasonably be able to see you, you regain access to your skills. And if capable you could use skills to cure the Fear effect.

     5. Does Lesser include effects that normally last “until cured’.

Yes, any effect that is modified by Lesser will change its duration to 10 seconds. For example a Lesser Petrify, would only last 10 seconds. That being said, some effects will not be used with Lesser as they would not make sense. Like Death or effects that have a duration less than 10 seconds already.

     6. Is there a similar effect to Piercing that will apply to armour?

In a way yes. As we have decided to allow people to use LARP Bows, as a way to offset the additional difficulty, and disadvantage; all arrows fired from LARP Bows will ignore Plate, Chain, and Leather Armour.

     7. How do Physical Delivery Attacks work?

Attacks delivered via a packet with the Physical Delivery will affect you regardless of where they hit. Physical Strikes will not affect you if blocked by a weapon or shield. Armour does not protect against Physical Strikes.

     8. Is the head a valid target for Archery?

Yes for Packet Archery ONLY. However as with spells, one shouldn’t intentionally aim for the head.

     9. Can I Repel someone that is unconscious?


10. Am I able to wear multiple types of Armour?

Yes. To gain the benefit of a certain material you need to have 7 of your 11 Armour Slots covered in that specific material, one of which must be the chest. If you want Plate Armour then you need to have Plate covering your chest, and 6 other locations, the remaining 4 locations can be, chain, leather, or nothing at all. If you have less than the 7 locations you will get credit for the Lower Value of the two. For example, if you are wearing 5 Plate Locations (including chest), and 3 other locations as Chain, and 3 as Leather, you will get Chain Armour Value. If you are wearing 5 Plate Locations (including chest) and the remaining 6 locations as Leather, you will get Leather Armour Value.

11. Does the Flurry Rule apply to Daggers?

Daggers do not exist within the Forgotten Empires System as an offensive weapon due to safety concerns.

12. What are the available options for the Ancestral Curse Racial Skill?

Those are still being fleshed out at this time and will be added in a future release. But they will vary from ones that impact roleplaying, to one that will impact combat.

13. Do I need to carry a spellbook to use the spell gained from the Arcane Resonance or Innate Magic Racial Skills?


14. What happens if I am Berserked and then choose to activate Unbridled Rage. Or vice versa.

There is no benefit to using Unbridled Rage while Berserked as you get the benefit passively. (Doubled Berserked duration, and you can distinguish friend from foe.) If you get Berserked while under the effects of Unbridled Rage you would gain the bonus to Body Points and Strength that comes with the standard Berserk Effect. You would also benefit from the increased duration of Berserk that you passively gain from Unbridled Rage.

15. For the Deflect Magic Skill, what is defined as a nearby target?

As the Deflect Magic Skill allows the Shadow to deliver it via a packet or a weapon it will be either weapon reach (as you would need to strike them with your weapon and call the verbal.) or anyone you can hit with a packet. Note you must target someone, you cannot toss it harmlessly aside.

16. What effects can you use Intercede on?

You can use Intercede on any effect that targets a specific individual, but not an area.

17. For the skill Benediction, what is the purpose of the Black Stones?

The Black Stones cancel out White Stones. For example, if you have 9 White Stones, and no Black ones, you can use the Altar to regain spells up to 9th level but if you have 9 White Stones and 7 Black ones, your Altar can only be used to regain spells up to 2nd level. In order to fix this, you will need to take down and rebuild your Altar elsewhere.

18. If you have purchased the Second Wind skill twice, can you use them one after another to restore 50% of your Body Points?


  1. If I am using a LARP Bow, can I switch between LARP Arrows and Packets?

Yes but you must have Quivers for both types on your person.

  1. Can I use my weapon to knock Archery attacks out of the air?

Yes, LARP Arrows purchased from Calimacil, Epic Armoury, or other reputable sources are be made to flex a bit in order to resist snapping when stepped on.